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Cirullo.it Digital Marketing Open CompaniesI’ve 20 years broad experience in Technologies, Digital Marketing and Communications. I followed the whole Enel Group digital transformation of the last few years. This included creating multiple institutional websites based on the multi-utility model and concentrating them when the company focused on its core business; launching e-commerce and caring channels when the electricity market was liberalized; following the purchase and integration of foreign companies that allowed the company to become a large global group.

Having gained this experience, I was able to deal with all the phases of the transformation pathway of a large industrial group and develop an in-depth expertise regarding digital business strategies, online media relations (I’m a freelance journalist), reputation and issue management, and  Energy transition technologies. Some of them has bee shared, as a personal thought, on this blog.

I have also followed the evolution of the telecommunications market since it was liberalized. As a networking specialist with Olivetti I helped start up the Albacom, Omnitel and Infostrada networks. When I joined Wind I participated in several projects, which include launching the free Internet service, drawing up the business plan and the 3G tender and developing new service and content partnerships within the Internet and Multimedia Division. Also, the limited – but very intensive – period I spent at Ipse2000 allowed me to plan the business model and create, from scratch, a general-interest B2C service and contents.

For three years I’ve been board of directors member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Association,  the reference point for the definition, development and the promotion of data and information about the online advertising industry. IAB Italy is also engaged in online advertising spending growth and forecast (in collaboration with Assointernet) and on research activities.

In short, although I have been doing this job for many years, I work with increasing passion in a field that is continuously changing and developing thanks to innovation. View my profile on Linkedin.

Last but not least, in my (scarce) free time I read, I do (increasingly less) sports, and most of all I really make an effort to spend time with my family and friends. Although our life is becoming increasingly frenzied, I believe it’s important for us to recover our human bonds.