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Moto X won’t have custom engraving options at launch


Custom phone engraving, one of the key personalization features of Motorola’s Moto X smartphone, won’t be available on launch day. Customers can still choose the colors of their handset, as well as color matched accessories, the pre-installed wallpaper and a display message when the phone powers on. Motorola hopes to bring the engraving feature back in the near future.

On Thursday of last week, I tested the custom order process — you can see a video walkthrough here — and chose to add an engraved message. But when my phone arrives, it won’t have the engraving, per a message I received from a Motorola representative:

“As with all testing programs, we are adapting and changing the process based on what we learn. One item that requires some additional work before we launch is creating a custom signature on the back of the phone. As such, creating a custom message is no longer available at this time.”

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