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Why cyber security matters


The world is faster, and more connected, than ever before: that pace and those networks just keep growing.

As individuals, businesses and societies we are now linked in ways that would have been unimaginable just a couple of decades ago, and through these links we are sharing huge amounts of information.

We are living in a knowledge economy where information has become incredibly valuable, whether that is commercial information that would enable a competitor to overtake us in the market, or personal data that is exchanged and exploited by criminals for financial gain.

If you recognise the value of information, then it’s time to take cyber security seriously.

Smartphones are the perfect example of the phenomenal expansion in computing power experienced in the last five decades.

Apple’s latest high-end offering, the 5s, includes 64-bit technology, providing yet more proof that Moore’s Law is alive and kicking even faster than predicted.

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