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Dropbox: Yes we went down, but not because of hackers


The popular Dropbox cloud storage and file sharing site went down Friday night with some issues lingering into Saturday. The San Francisco company acknowledged the service disruption on its tech blog, but disputed claims that it was taken down by hackers and attributed the issues to a maintenance issue.

“Claims of leaked user information are a hoax. The outage was caused by internal maintenance,” according to the blog.

Update: On Sunday night, a Dropbox spokeswoman emailed a statement:

“On Friday night we experienced a site-wide outage from 5:30pm until 8:28pm caused by unexpected technical issues during a routine server upgrade. Over 99% of our users can now access their files via dropbox.com, but some are still experiencing other problems. We’ve been providing regular updates on our tech blog at https://tech.dropbox.com. We’re working around the clock to resolve any remaining issues and are deeply sorry for the disruption.”

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Source: GigaOm.com


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