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Going out with Monica for Cooperative Air Quality Monitoring

Monica Bellucci in bicicletta

Monica loves to go around, to socialise on the Web and is very concerned about air quality: an ideal company for moving in town, possibly on a bike.

Monica is a platform developed by the ENEA, and its name is the acronym for “Cooperative Air Quality Monitoring”.

It consists in a small sensor that can detect data on pollution, which can be applied for instance on the back pack or the bike’s handlebar, and an app that allows to share information in real time. This way, those who go out with Monica will be informed on the air quality that they’re breathing, and before leaving the house, just by looking at the smartphone they will be able to choose the least polluted itinerary. Thanks to the collaboration provided by users on the Web.

This is the sense of the initiative, in line with our times: a crowdsourcing conscious and participative bottom-up approach, in which technology (the sensor, the app for the smartphones, digital communications) is used in an integrated way and, most of all, it is shared on the Web. For the benefit of the environment and our health.

In fact, a direct knowledge of pollution values helps raise the awareness of the general public and therefore promotes virtuous behaviours for a more sustainable mobility. And, of course, it helps people take more care of their health.


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