Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Apple promises fix for iOS 7 crash bug

Have you ever found yourself flipping through home screens when your iPhone suddenly reboots without warning? You’re not alone. Mashable reports that Apple has acknowledged a...

Apple releases OS X 10.9.1, improving Gmail support in Mail

Get ready to fire up the Mac App Store if you run OS X Mavericks: There’s a new software update waiting for you. Released...

iPhone Owners Name Their Favorite New iOS 7 Apps

Every few weeks, the Apple Reddit forum hosts an "APPreciation thread" where people name their favorite iPhone and iPad apps. There's 170,000 people on the...

12 Ways Android Is Still Better Than iOS 7

With the recent tidal wave of Apple news — from the arrival of the latest iPhones to the release of iOS 7 — faithful Android users may feel...

Apple Users Sent 7 Million iOS 7 Tweets in Two Days

If it feels like your entire Twitter feed is tweeting about the new iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 7, you’re not alone. More than 7 million tweets about iOS 7 were...