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Stories of energy and talent, the Enel X Factor

Enel X Factor

The seventh edition of the Italian version of X Factor was the most-watched and highest-rated edition ever. Apart from the judges, the host Alessandro Cattelan and the contestants, the popular talent show had another star:  Enel.

The partnership enabled the company to build an authentic brand telling operation through a constant and yet never invasive presence, in which the brand played a key role in casting a special light on the stories of the talented contestants.

It was a wide-ranging action, which began with the installation of the ‘social points’ during the pre-casting phase and auditions, and that continued on the social media, where viewers could watch the show and join the exclusive events organised by Enel.

The interaction was pushed to its maximum with the Enel Green Card, which, for the first time ever, enabled viewers to call back into the competition one of the contestants eliminated during the Home Visits. The same was repeated with Enel Choice Performance, in the updated version allowing for even more interaction after last year’s success.

Without forgetting the ‘Enel places’, those energy factories where lights turned on the contestants’ presentations, recorded at the Montalto di Castro power station. Or the crowded and unique moments of meeting between the young talents and their audience, in the Enel Point in Milan and in other cities across Italy.

To this end, an important element to point out is the so-called ‘reciprocity’. In fact, while Enel provided X Factor contestants with all its energy, it was also able to create a virtuous cycle in which all participants did their part.

It is the environmental sustainability topic that has characterised this year’s series of X Factor. Performers were hosted in a loft especially designed by Enel that provided all the innovative solutions developed in the name of energy efficiency.
And not only: the contestants became the ambassadors of smart energy consumption, with weekly videos in which they explained how to live in a sustainable way and respect the environment. The videos were published on Enel’s YouTube channel and were shown at the Enel Points across Italy.

In conclusion, in making this year’s X Factor the highest-rated ever, an important role was played by Enel, which provided the talent show with not only all its energy, but also its values to create an innovative communication initiative that has accompanied the brand and the stories of the talented contestants.

Enel will be back with a second helping (as to say) with the upcoming edition of Masterchef Italia.


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