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Facebook Is Going After B2B Marketing Spending

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In a recent announcement outlining changes to its Ads API program, Facebook said it would be improving its ad targeting methods. Much of the press following the announcement focused on how Facebook was making it easier for advertisers to target users based on behaviors and interests. However, one aspect that was largely overlooked is that beginning in March advertisers will be able to target Facebook users based on their employer and job title.

The change indicates that Facebook wants to attract more B2B marketers and recruiting professionals, an audience that LinkedIn has been extremely successful with. LinkedIn’s recruiting tools (called Talent Solutions) generated nearly $225 million in the third quarter, or 57% of the company’s revenue.

Consumer brands can take advantage of targeting by profession as well. “If consumers used to work at Goldman Sachs, for instance, they’re much more likely to have a high discretionary income,” Matt Britton, CEO of digital agency MRY, told Digiday. Thus, luxury brands will be able to target high-earners of particular interest. (Digiday)

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