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Google Launches A New Device For Businesses Videoconferencing (GOOG)

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Google and Asus today released a new device for business videoconferences called Chromebox For Meetings.

The device costs $999, which might sound like a lot considering how low-cost other Google devices called “Chrome” are (like Chromebooks and Chromecast). But that’s really a lot less expense than many business-class videoconference systems, which can run thousands of dollars.

The device includes a high-definition camera, a combined microphone and speaker unit, a remote control and a Chromebox. A Chromebox is a Chrome PC that requires you to bring your own monitor and keyboard. Until now, Samsung was the company that made the Chromebox, priced at $329.

Google says that in addition to Asus, HP and Dell will soon announce these Chromebox videoconferencing devices.

Up to 15 participants can join the video meeting from their laptops, tablets or smartphones using a Google account. The videoconference uses Google Hangouts, an Internet videoconferencing systems.

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Source: BusinessInsider.com


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