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The Best Apps For Your New iPhone 6

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Gli App store di Apple e Google Play, per la prima volta nella loro storia segnano un calo di download! Fine di un’epoca? Saturazione del mercato? Semplice assestamento?

So you managed to get your hands on an iPhone 6, but what apps should you download?

Every iPhone 6 comes with Apple’s new iOS 8 mobile operating system pre-installed, which is capable of some great features like app extensions, widgets, and better-than-ever graphics.

Apple has curated a collection of apps that highlight iOS 8’s new abilities, and we’ve chosen our favorites that demonstrate just what your new iPhone 6 can do.

Apple’s iMovie app is the best way to edit on the iPhone 6.

With iMovie, you can edit an entire film or add cool effects to any 240 fps footage you shoot with your iPhone 6. The new update introduces an iMovie app extension that lets you add a filter, animated titles, and soundtrack to any clip, right from within the Photos app.

Price: $4.99

Test the capabilities of your iPhone 6’s graphics with “Epic Zen Garden.”

Apple demonstrated “Epic Zen Garden” at WWDC in June to show off what iOS 8 is capable of, and for good reason. This peaceful virtual environment is brimming with detail, and you can interact with literally thousands of cherry blossoms, scores of butterflies, and plenty of other eye-catching effects.

Price: Free

Transform your iPhone 6’s keyboard with Swype.

Swype has always been huge on Android, but with iOS 8, you can now enjoy a new style of texting on your iPhone 6 that lets you use a swiping gesture rather than taps to form words.

Price: $0.99
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