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Facebook Has A New App Up Its Sleeve That Will Change The Way You Communicate


It looks like Facebook is experimenting with a new app that’s codenamed “Moments.” The app will center on sharing things that might be too private for the wide-open audience of your Facebook Newsfeed, according to a report from TechCrunch. Instead, Moments will encourage quick posting to specific circles of those you know, utilizing a layout that TechCrunch says is designed as “a grid with a few tiles, each which represent a set of close friends or family.” While you can already specify who you want to post to on Facebook, it’s currently a somewhat complicated process that puts a lot of friction between the time you decide to share something and the moment you click “post.” It appears Facebook is trying to speed up this specialized sharing with Moments. No one outside of Facebook has seen exactly what Moments looks like, but TechCrunch’s source said it currently looks similar to the app, Cluster, which offers users the ability to “create private group spaces where you share photos and memories with the people you care about.” This wouldn’t be the first time Facebook has created an app that borrows from an existing app’s idea. Earlier this year, the company launched “Slingshot” to take on Snapchat, which failed to catch on. Facebook may have a tough time convincing people to use yet another app for sharing private messages or pictures. After decoupling the messaging portion from the main Facebook app, Facebook launched Facebook Messenger, which came under fire due to the laundry list of data the app accessed. Regardless if the app ever sees the light of day, Moment’s development shows that Facebook is still willing to experiment and build new apps that integrate with Facebook. The question will be if they can convince its users to try yet another.

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Source: BusinessInsider.com


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