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Facebook Makes It Easier to Share Photos ‘In the Moment’


Facebook rolled out an update to its app on Monday that adds a new way to quickly organize and post small batches of photos from your smartphone.

Now, when users upload multiple photos from its iPhone or Android app, the app generates a quick preview of how the photos will be displayed. Users can then rearrange the order in which the images appear by holding down on a photo and dragging it to a new position.

You can select up to 30 photos at once; tags, locations, captions and descriptions can also be added to individual images within this view. Once uploaded, the photos appear in the app’s new collage layout that emphasizes the order of the photos.

Until now, users could rearrange the order of photos in albums from Facebook’s website but had little control over the order photos appeared in uploads.

Increasingly Facebook is positioning photos as more of a platform for telling stories about everyday moments, rather just a place to store albums of hundreds of photos. That may not seem like a significant difference, but the company believes that by emphasizing a more

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