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Coolest Cooler: the Kickstarter (summer) startup


Coolest Cooler is a million dollar portable fridge. It can sound absurd, but this is what the invention by Ryan Greppe is already making on Kickstarter and it has yet a long way to go. The startup established by the young man from Portland combines design, the American dream and good timing.

A cool, innovative and mass product. These are the successful features of Coolest Cooler, which Greppe launched on Kickstarter (the world’s most famous crowdfounding platform), making 50,000 dollars in less than 36 hours and one million in two days. It’s a portable fridge to be used at the beach or for summer picnics, but created to compete with all the products on the market: it’s more resistant, has a refined design, useful wheels to move it around, a chargeable 18-volt battery and a system to prepare smoothies, even LED lights, a USB port and a small water-resistant Bluetooth amplifier.

Coolest Cooler is a useful startup that represents the American dream. At a time in which there are so many absurd ideas seem to attract the attention of financers, the strangest the better,  Ryan Greppe’s portable fridge is good news (also for Kickstarter). Startups symbolise innovation by an unknown genius to create a product that is useful for everybody and Coolest Cooler confirms that without any need for stellar social networks, smartphones or applications, technology and creativity can be mixed to respond to simple and real needs. How many Americans depend on their fridges for grill parties, football matches and Thanksgiving celebrations? All of them do. So here’s Greppe’s 2.0 fridge that is not by chance collecting investors through the States’ most widespread crowdfunding platform. So once again: long live startups, long live Kickstarter!


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