Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Chief Digital Officer in seven moves

How can I become a CDO? A test from the USA will help you understand if you have the abilities required to become your...

The successful CDO become useless

In the USA, Chief Digital Officers are being tested. Now they only has one goal: to transform the company so quickly that they’ll be...

Innovation? Corporate startuppers take care of it

Tracking down innovative ideas within the big company , which would otherwise end up forgotten in the bottom drawer but that are made possible...

Chief digital officer. How much does the C factor count?

The profession practiced by CDOs could remain in the shadows if it’s onlyassociated with a Chief who reports directly to the CEO. An appeal to the informal community of digital officers “Keep calm and...

Chief Digital Officer: is the time ripe also in Italy?

30% of US companies already have a CDO. In the EU some want one per country. In Italy it is mostly interesting for those...

Chief Digital Officer: a change agent

Is a digital manager with the role of Chief necessary? Do CEOs really need a CDO? The debate is ongoing and a post on...

The Growing Role of the Chief Digital Officer

That digital technology and social media is revolutionising the way we live might not be new, but the development of a new directorial role...