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Which newspapers will close down in 2014?

The new New York Times online with its native advertising. Newsweek is back in the newsstands after its goodbye to print. Revolution is in...

Kids’ Content Offers Marketing Opportunities in Latin America

Tracking and analyzing web usage by young children and families is crucial for marketers targeting parents for children’s products and services in Latin America....

Changes at LinkedIn Create New Marketing Opportunities

LinkedIn is going through a massive transformation as it becomes a B2B content publishing platform. According to a new eMarketer report, this creates significant...

The four types of ‘always on’ consumers and their digital traits

Identifying customer personas can help businesses to segment their audience and increase conversions with targeted promotions and personalised web experiences. To this end, new research...

Content Marketing: a success with a history behind it

When we talk about Content Marketing, we tend to think that it’s something new and innovative especially created for the internet, but if we...

Images and communication: a perfect match

Over the years, images and videos have become increasingly important for communication purposes. A study shows thatmost Italian companies don’t focus too much on...

Social media and advertising: reality is not like marketers see it

Observing a girl’s expression when reading one of his books, the Italian writer Ignazio Silone thought that writers focus too much on other writers’...

“Non promotional” corporate ads on socials

A second level of commitment is therefore becoming increasingly widespread. It consists in non promotional communication: companies create contents aimed at satisfying users’ interest...

Companies and Social media: a successful combination

The  100 major companies with the highest turnover in the world aim at being successful on the social networks: the latter emerges from a...

Emerging Countries also as regards their online presence

US and European users are passive reader, while Chinese, Indian and South American ones are active on social networks. The latter was found by...