Monday, January 17, 2022
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For ‘smart’, read ‘standard’

The IoT is revolutionising our world and in particular transportation, but it only makes sense if it’s based on international standards Imagine you’re driving an...

Can the internet save the climate?

The greenhouse emissions saved each year through the Internet of Things is equivalent to those of USA and India put together Beauty will save the...

Me, the robot

Robots are increasingly present in human activities connected with energy and the environment, from hazardous waste collection to the search for waste materials They perform...

Smart Street Lighting, a network of lights

With the IoT, street lighting becomes smart: streetlights self-regulate, with economic and environmental benefits, and future next-generation developments  Our cities must be seen under a...

Smart cities? There’s no future without integration

Internet of Things, new infrastructure, public-private partnerships. Only integration can smarten up cities Though it’s true that smart citiesneed to be intelligent, without integration there...

European connected cars

An event that is about to take place will radically change road traffic safety. Starting from 2015, the first connected cars will drive on...