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Social media: tips for companies from analyst Gartner

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The starting off point is unequivocal: the growth of social media is taking place at a very fast pace and is unstoppable, at least for now.  According to estimates  from the US analyst Gartner, in 2012 the global turnover has risen by 43.1%, up from 11.8 billion dollars (9 billion euros) to 16.9 billion dollars (13 billion euros).

Being there has become essential for businesses: according to Gartner (one of the main strategic consultants in the world), in a couple of years, companies that will not communicate through socials with their customers will cause the latter to gradually leave, as is the case today when phone calls or emails don’t receive an answer. « The dissatisfaction stemming from failure to respond via social channels can lead to up to a 15 percent increase in churn rate for existing customers», said Carol Rozwell, Gartner Vice president.

Naturally, being there is not enough, communication must be effective.

To this end, Gartner has provided a number of tips for companies on how to develop a realistic and rational strategy for socials.  He starts off by emphasising that it’s not only about marketing: socials can also be used as call centres and as tools for human resources, where job and other types of ads can be posted. They are also an essential tool for testing market mood and trends.

Very briefly, the strategy proposed by Gartner is based on the “5 Cs”:

  • Consistency: purposes must be consistent with corporate strategies and market trends
  • Coordination: social strategy must be coordinated with the other corporate functions so as to create synergies
  • Charter: the strategy must be based on a consistent and coordinated organization
  • Conversation: communication and feedback must be considered significant
  • Creativity: it is essential that projects should have a soul, from which energy, passion and creativity emerge.


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