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The surprising identity of major Social Network


Linked-in and Google+ are the most skews toward male users.  Instagram and Pinterest dominated by women.

Each social media platform has cultivated a unique identity thanks to the demographics of the people who participate in the network. Some platforms are preferred by young adults, who are most active in the evening, others by high-income professionals, who are posting throughout the workday.

In a recent report, Business Insider have break down the demographics of each major social media platform to help brands to identify how demographics affect usage patterns, and why some platforms are better for brands than others.

Here are some findings: 

  • LinkedIn is international and skews toward male users.
  • Google+ is the most male-oriented of the major social networks.
  • Facebook still skews young, but the older demographic is growing quickly, and higher-income households are also getting on board. In addition, a huge share of Facebook’s audience is international.
  • Instagram: Instagram’s user base is heavily dominated by women, something that has more often been associated with Pinterest.
  • Twitter has a surprisingly young user population for a large social network, and in terms of household income, Twitter is fairly equally represented across income brackets.
  • Pinterest is dominated by tablet users, and skews heavily toward women.
  • Tumblr is strong with teens and young adults interested in self-expression, but it’s not especially popular with those in higher income brackets.

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Source: BusinessInsider.com


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