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Enel #guerrieri, in Facebook and Twitter with everyday life heroes

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A communication campaign that combines social network and storytelling. With its #guerrieri initiative, Enel asks everyday life heroes to tell their own stories. A platform is already online to log in and participate, then the stories will start to be told in September

A new hashtag can be followed on Facebook and Twitter, #guerrieri. We, the Enel people, are launching it on the Web. I make my contribution to carry out this project that combines social network and storytelling. And I have great expectations as regards itsdevelopment: because of the idea behind it, of how the Web will react and of the structure of the communication campaign, in which creative advertising designers and marketing people, social media and storytelling specialists, all worked together.

Through the Web and social networks, #guerrieri wants to bring to light people who vivify Italy’s life with their desire to achieve, to overcome the crisis, to never surrender and to meet daily challenges in order to build, change and grow.

#guerrieri already had its first Twitter teaser and is going one step further today with Enelsharing, but this is only the first phase of a better-structured communication campaign that will be carried out in September, when everyday life heroes will get known through the stories they tell.

Everyone can already log into the storytelling platform that has been created to contain these stories, so that whoever signs in becomes a storyteller who will follow a path made up of questions and answers that will help him draw up his tale, which will be published on this platform and can then be shared on social networks and blogs.

Enel is one of the first companies in Italy that uses Facebook’s hashtag system and we do it so people can discover, get to know and vote the stories of the #guerrieri on the popular social network, and not only on Twitter. But #guerrieri is also a contest.Participants who write their stories on this platform will be asked to share them so that more people will read them.

The #guerrieri platform wants to become the diary of Italy’s people who hope and fight, where they can narrate their own daily struggle, identify themselves in that of others and share their own challenges, defeats and victories.



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