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Nothing can be done without electricity

elettricità e smart city

Electricity is the foundation of the next-generation “smart cities”, and therefore of a sustainable energy future and, in other words, of a better quality of life

A joke on new technologies:

Wikipedia: «I know everything!».

Google: «I have everything!».

Internet: «Without me you’re worthless».

Electricity: «But come on …».

The sense of this joke is that the more the world develops in technological terms, the more electricity becomes irreplaceable.

The increasingly electrified future ahead of us will be growingly cleaner, for a number of reasons. The first one is the widespread use of renewable energy sources. But these alone are not sufficient: as recalled by Enel’s CEO Fulvio Conti, during the speech he held at the event “Energy for Future Urban Environment”. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the extent set by global targets, it will be necessary to reinforce other factors that are equally important: energy efficiency, the involvement of customers in the electricity system, the electrification of transport (and the necessary infrastructure).

As explained by Conti, these are precisely the main elements of future smart cities, based on sustainable mobility and a distributed electricity network that will be “smart”.

There are pilot projects on smart cities all over the world, including those that the Enel Group is conducting in Genoa, Bari, Barcelona, Malaga, Santiago and Bouzios (Brazil). And everywhere, from Italy to South America, it’s electricity that makes cities “smart” and improves the quality of life of their inhabitants. That’s why nothing can be done without electricity.


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