Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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The surprising identity of major Social Network

Linked-in and Google+ are the most skews toward male users.  Instagram and Pinterest dominated by women. Each social media platform has cultivated a unique identity thanks to...

Should Your Company Be on Google+?

For the last few years, social media experts have heavily debated Google+ and its role among the big social media platforms. While many claim...

Google+ Hashtags Now Appear In Google Searches

Now when you search for a hashtag keyword (e.g. #AmericasCup) in Google Search, you'll be shown a series of relevant content on Google+. It is...

For marketers B2B Twitter is today’s social, Google+ tomorrow’s

Twitter is the most popular platform among B2B marketers, followed by LinkedIn and Facebook, while Google+ lags behind but is about to overpass. These...

Google+: maybe it’s a ghost town, but it’s certainly useful

Since Google launched Google+ almost a year ago, this social network has been the subject of various debates. The service offered by Google has...

Google will create a semantic social network

A semantic social network is about to be launched, as well as a semantic search engine. Indeed, they will be the same thing. Although...