Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Google’s New Email App Won’t Have Ads, Will Bundle Brands’ Emails

Google released a new email app called Inbox on Wednesday that can best be described as Gmail-lite. Intended to be less time-consuming than Google's original email...

Pinterest overtakes Facebook for UK referral revenue

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr drove an unprecedented amount of traffic to retail sites in Q4 2013 with revenue-per-visit (RPV) increasing across all social...

Email frequency: how much is too much?

How much email is too much email? That is the question. Marketers need to strike a fine balance between staying top of mind and relevant...

Google Tabs happened, now marketers must step up their game

Marketing is always most effective when it is delivered with something else of value. If you open your postal mailbox and its nothing but...

Email Beats Social Networks for Online Offer Sharing: a Study

Email beats social networks Facebook and Twitter combined as the top medium for sharing online coupons and other offers, according to new research from...

Mobile Devices, Gmail Tabs Affect Email Opens

The share of emails opened on a mobile device is now approaching 50%, according to research. Gmail’s May launch of tabbed inboxes has had...

Email marketers focus on integration, automation and optimization

While the number of channels for communicating with consumers has increased, email marketing remains an integral part of a brand’s digital offering. The 2013 edition...

Mobile email marketing: great opportunities and risks

People increasingly check their mailbox wherever they are and anytime from their smartphones or tablets. But the downside is that when emails sent by...

Sensitive data: consumers prefer to share them with companies by e-mail

The study conducted by Experian aimed at examining the attitude of consumers regarding the critical issue of sharing sensitive data, like birth dates or...