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Me, the robot

Robots are increasingly present in human activities connected with energy and the environment, from hazardous waste collection to the search for waste materials They perform...

Energy efficiency: an easy win

Despite every effort, nowadays energy is not cleaner than it was 20 years ago. Action is necessary on all fronts, especially regarding efficiency, a...

Italy, the smartest country in Europe

In the smart energy field Italy is an European leader, especially for its considerable investment in smart meters and its participation in various international...

Taking On the Crisis with Efficiency

First there is Enel Distribuzione’s offer to financially help those who perform energy saving activities on their home or business , which is connected...

Technology and Energy Efficiency: America discovers Italy

Fresh news from the United States, where Green Button is about to be made available to Americans. The Obama administration’s initiative will allow people...

It’s Easy to Say Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important as the world looks to build more sustainable future, with businesses, environmentalists and domestic and national institutions facing...