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Taking On the Crisis with Efficiency

sostenibilità efficienza energetica

First there is Enel Distribuzione’s offer to financially help those who perform energy saving activities on their home or business , which is connected to the national Certificati Bianchi system, while there is also the Archilede High Performance LED street lighting, which was presented at the international Ecomondo last week. That lighting system, which has been developed by Enel Sole, improves performance on previous models by 25 per cent and reduces both consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent.

With emissions reductions in mind, there is also Enel Green Power’s + Casa Efficiente – CO2 = Città Green, which was presented in October at the annual assembly of the Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani, the national association for Italian local authorities. It’s an initiative that aims to help local councils that make up part of the Mayor Pact, which greatly contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Italy’s cities and at the same time allows people to more efficiently manage their energy consumption.

These are only the most obvious examples of what Enel does to promote efficiency and at the same time help Italians take on the economic crisis. And while it’s obviously not enough on its own, if everyone does their part the results will come.


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