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Enel Blogger Award 2013:Talk to Us


We want to hear about interesting experiences, and we like to discover untapped talent. We also believe in online culture and promoting growth of the digital media industry.

A business that has 50 years of experience and is today a multinational working in 40 countries has to keep innovating, as well as recognising when someone deserves a chance to show what they can do. That’s the thinking behind the Enel Blogger Award, a competition dedicated to independent bloggers who write about the environment, finance, current events and lifestyle. After a selection process which involved writers registering their blogs – which had to be active for six months and be updated at least twice a week – and the publication of the post they felt best represented it, the bloggers were assessed both by fellow bloggers and the online public in a vote that saw winners picked in the four categories mentioned above.

Blogs and user-generated content have become a key part of helping businesses communicate with the public and today competes and often beats traditional media in terms of trustworthiness, readership and even skill. As we take in and assess what we achieved in 2012, the Enel Blogger Award, the bloggers and their supporters made us realise that we want to repeat that experience in 2013.

However this year we’ve decide to ask you, whether you’re taking part or just voting, to give us advice on how to improve the competition and tell us what you didn’t like last time out, so that we can create a new and improved Enel Blogger Award with you. That way we’ll have a prize even more worthy of your attention.


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