Friday, December 1, 2023
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Big Data produce energy

From renewables to coal, from the i-EM startup to the Torrevaldaliga Nord control room. Power companies can be data driven, as shown by two...

For ‘smart’, read ‘standard’

The IoT is revolutionising our world and in particular transportation, but it only makes sense if it’s based on international standards Imagine you’re driving an...

Smart cities? There’s no future without integration

Internet of Things, new infrastructure, public-private partnerships. Only integration can smarten up cities Though it’s true that smart citiesneed to be intelligent, without integration there...

Happy birthday, Web. Long live linked data!

The world wide web is 25 years old. After half a century from the  birth of the WWW, the new frontier is linked open data, the last offspring of Tim Berners-Lee’s invention 25 years of web,...

Corporate crowdsourcing? Enel launches Eidos Market

A platform where the more than 71,000 employees of the 40 countries where Enel is present can propose and discuss innovative ideas to improve...

Board of Directors of IAB. Enel is in it

A commitment to disseminate digital among Italian companies and raise awareness on its potential across business areas IAB Italy renewed its Board of Directors and...

Companies are out to conquer blogs

Corporate blogs are spreading, just like web only diaries of multinationals. An insight into  General Electric, Accenture, British Airways and Enel After the social networks...

Can companies really give out information?

Internet has cancelled the separation between journalism and corporate communication. The 2.0 press office needs information professionals, Enel could be an Italian case history Getting...

Open Data. Enel’s sexy side?

A  post by Maurizio Napolitano published on Che Futuro mentions the connection between open data and innovation and addresses an appeal or suggestion to “publicly-controlled agencies”:  keep you “sexiest” data open and you will benefit from it The day before yesterday a post by Maurizio...

Free dataset! Linked data are necessary to do business

An increasing amount of public authorities offer open data, while companies are still delayed.  Big Data are an incredible  business potential and system growth,...

Energy efficiency: an easy win

Despite every effort, nowadays energy is not cleaner than it was 20 years ago. Action is necessary on all fronts, especially regarding efficiency, a...

Italy, the smartest country in Europe

In the smart energy field Italy is an European leader, especially for its considerable investment in smart meters and its participation in various international...

Images and communication: a perfect match

Over the years, images and videos have become increasingly important for communication purposes. A study shows thatmost Italian companies don’t focus too much on...

Take a Deep Breath of Oxygen

The first issue of Oxygen of 2013  has just been released, bringing you its usual intriguing mix of scientific news, views and features. Leading...

Technology and Energy Efficiency: America discovers Italy

Fresh news from the United States, where Green Button is about to be made available to Americans. The Obama administration’s initiative will allow people...

The people of Macchianera #MIA2012 choose Enel

Those who know the web know the Macchianera Italian Awards: since its launch in 2003, the competition has become one of the most important...

Enel Blogger Award 2013:Talk to Us

We want to hear about interesting experiences, and we like to discover untapped talent. We also believe in online culture and promoting growth of...