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20 myths on social marketing to be busted


Few things evolve at such a fast pace as social networks, and therefore many myths that used to be true cease to be so after a few months, and several real novelties are quickly becoming unsubstantial clichés. The truth is that an effective social marketing needs continuous updating.

How much does social marketing cost? Is the return of social strategies measurable? Social media marketers must necessarily be young? How many contents must be posted and how often?

These are some of the questions that are answered by the article “20 Common Social Media Marketing Myths BUSTED“, published by HubSpot, a specialised marketing website.

An essential issue is the assessment of the  strategies in terms of results. HubSpot not only states that this can be done, but also identifies a number of tools that can be used to measure how successful strategies are, in terms of traffic towards a corporate website, interested users and acquired customers, both as an absolute value and in relation to the cost of the strategy.

A first conclusion is that social media marketing, even if it implies specific costs, is one of the tools that enhances the relation between investments and economic results.

As for the significant qualities that a social media marketer must have, HubSpot mentions creativity, ability to establish relations and (obviously) a predisposition for marketing. Therefore age doesn’t matter, because tools and techniques can be learnt anytime, and social media users aren’t really that young: at least 40% of Facebook users are over 35.

Another issue regards the fact that you can repeat contents after a few weeks, if there’s a scarcity of news, considering that users change, and even the most present ones might have missed that content or might even have forgotten it.


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