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Twitter: mobiles favour engagement

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Accessing Twitter from a mobile device is very different from doing it from a computer, in terms of user engagement. According to a recent survey, Twitter mobile users are more likely to retweet, send messages and click on “Favorite”.

At present, mobile devices are the main channel through which users access social networks, especially Twitter. 60% of the over 200 million Twitter worldwide users log into social networks via smartphones or tablets at least once a month. This was found by a survey conducted by Twitter together with Compete, which also emphasised that access through mobiles favours engagement. In fact, users who access socials via mobiles are:

  • 46% more likely to compose original tweets;
  • 44% more likely to click on links;
  • 66% more likely to retweet;
  • 76% more likely to click on “Favorite”.

Moreover, average Twitter users tend to follow more brands and they respond  better to campaigns that include Twitter ads.

Additionally, Twitter mobile users are 86% more likely than average users to log in several times a day. This is understandable, since the reduced size of mobile devices and their portability allow a simple and immediate use of social networks anywhere. This refers particularly to smartphones, since only 15% of the surveyed population log into Twitter primarily via  tablet.

Moreover, the study conducted by  Compete showed that Twitter users are mostly young (52% were aged 18 to 34). As for their gender, no significant differences have been found between males and females.

Marketers must write their tweets identifying their target, knowing what it wants and where it is likely to be at that time. It’s better to offer discounts and promotions in cafeterias in the morning, while discounts on clothes should be offered on weekends. Marketers should put themselves in the shoes of ad readers, and should be aware that average Twitter users don’t have time to read long articles linked from tweets, but prefer to look at pictures or short videos, or read a brief information that is useful to them.



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