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Tips on how to make the best of every single tweet

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Twitter is increasingly used as a tool of general information, to communicate and promote the reputation of individuals and companies.
In order to make the best use of it, a number of rules must be followed, to make sure that no tweet is missed and to spread tweets as widely as possible.

To this end a great number of manuals are available, more or less elaborate, with various tips for different types of users. The most recent one, which has the advantage of being brief, has been drawn up by Silvia Vianello, who teaches Marketing at the Bocconi University and is a digital marketing consultant.

Professor Vianello lists about 15 tips, most of which regard tools that can be used to spread our tweets. First of all, the best time to post.
You must not post too much on Twitter, nor too little. But what is really important is when you post, finding the moment in which our followers are mostly online. A number of tools let you know when it’s best to post on Twitter, for instance Tweriod, which can draw up reports that tell you when you find the greatest amount of your followers online. It’s essential to know this to make the most of each tweet, both in terms of visibility and of conversion rate.

Regarding how to post, a useful rule consists in limiting our posts to the 140 available characters. This way our tweets can be retweeted, after they have been partially changed, and be pointed out to other followers. Sometimes you only need to add a one-word comment (great, dreadful, wow! what!) to make the tweet more appealing. It is also important to use the specific programmes created to reduce the length of the link, since it’s essential to leave as much space as possible to synthetically describe the content of the link that has been sent.


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