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Enel takes Silver for Social Media

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In a recent post I revealed data from the Lundquist Social Media Awards 2012, a study which analysed how the top 100 Italian businesses use social media. Lundquist is consultancy agency that specialises in online corporate communications, which carries out qualitative and quantitative analysis. Its awards ceremony took place last Friday and saw Enel take second place, just behind Telecom Italia.

Of the 66 companies that use YouTube, only eight have and make use of personalised channels – Enel is one of those eight. It’s also interesting to note that in the chapter on Facebook, only 23 businesses have an account that communicates its corporate identity and brand, and according to Lunquist, it’s not enough to ‘be there’, but to communicate effectively. Engagement is more important than the number of fans or followers.

The studio highlights how pages that are dedicated to specific themes ‘end to attract more fans and stand out in terms of brand engagement’.

For Twitter ‘the right recipe can be found in those companies behaving more like a person and less like a faceless organisation, leveraging on the conversation and debate among users,’ something that is dictated by the medium, which requires a high level of participation for success.

The research highlighted three types of account: 23 were identified as ‘all-rounder’, 21 were dedicated to sponsorships or special initiatives, and 10 were ‘single-topic corporate profiles dedicated to employer branding, investor relations or CSR/sustainability’. Enelsharing is used as the prime example in the first category: ‘very active, with daily tweets and a correct use of hashtags’.

This shows how each social media platform each has a different language, as well as different modes of interaction, and it’s from here that a business has to analyse its presence. This something that we do every day at Enel, constantly assessing what approach to take depending on the medium in which we work. We feel that second place in this study shows that we’re on the right path.

Given also the emphasis that the company places on innovation, we will take this recognition as a stimulus to do even bigger and better things.


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