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Banks and relationships on Facebook

The example of a few American banks with useful suggestions, innovative language, exclusive contents and community interests During a delicate moment for most of the...

CSR gains visibility thanks to social media

According to the 2011 report compiled by the Reputation Institute, more than 40% of a company’s reputation is determined by its CSR. Also, employees...

Benefits and damages (to productivity): social networks at the workplace

They can improve brand awareness and the company’s image on the market, increase the effectiveness of processes, make employees happier and reduce expenses. But,...

Web TVs and Web Radios are growing

They differ from original media as regards use and quality of contents. How radios and TVs created by and for the internet are changing. Their...

Social Network and businesses, a beneficial relationship

They are increasingly important for corporate reputation and for the commercial success of companies, and are constantly evolving: businesses are increasingly investing in social...

Social Ads: fewer clicks, soaring prices

After the Pinterest bubble, the cost of  Facebook ads keeps growing, while clicks decline. The social network market is expanding, as constantly repeated on the Web...

The new framework of social customer care

All companies, either large or small, should focus on customers and draw up strategies that centre on them. It might seem obvious, but things...

Google+: maybe it’s a ghost town, but it’s certainly useful

Since Google launched Google+ almost a year ago, this social network has been the subject of various debates. The service offered by Google has...

Social network for scientists

Scientists are among the users who have gained the most from social networks: through various forms of online communication they even anticipated this trend...

Ideas compete in social networks

Ideas and information diffused in social media compete like human beings  compete to survive. The “nutrition” that ideas  need in order to survive is...

Social media, making up for lost time

Social media are often seen as a means of social alienation for young people, who stay at home and prefer keeping virtual contacts instead...

Surprise: in America Tagged beats Facebook

The importance of social networks is given by the amount of accounts, and in this sense Facebook has no rivals. But another equally significant...

When Social Media, Business and Social Issues collide

Smart use of social media can help a business keep in touch with its customers and communicate its philosophy. American restaurant chain Chipotle shows...

The new horizons of sustainability 2.0

Most large companies use social networks to broadcast their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects. The concept of sustainability 2.0 consists in integrating CSR strategies...

The tribal trends of social networks

We often hear the expression “tribe” regarding Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Indeed, users of a social network form a group with a peculiar...

Emerging Countries also as regards their online presence

US and European users are passive reader, while Chinese, Indian and South American ones are active on social networks. The latter was found by...

Google will create a semantic social network

A semantic social network is about to be launched, as well as a semantic search engine. Indeed, they will be the same thing. Although...

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA: who’s afraid of hackers?

SOPA and PIPA, the two bills submitted before the US Congress to defend intellectual property rights and limit online hacking, were withdrawn, so their...

Enel Blogger Award 2013:Talk to Us

We want to hear about interesting experiences, and we like to discover untapped talent. We also believe in online culture and promoting growth of...

A step towards 2.1 in 2013

Among the many unknowns that come with a new year there is at least one thing we can be certain of: the internet will...